🍁 Little Red Riding Hood and The Small Cute Lion ❤️ Walking in an Autumnal Wonderland 🍂

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Whew! The past few weeks of this December weather has been a whirlwind! Down here in Texas, it literally feels like we experienced all four seasons in less than a month. ❄️🍂🌱🌼 The first few weeks, December felt a lot like early autumn, but it quickly turned into a freezing Winter, and then it started to warm up and felt like Autumn all over again, and finally, starting a couple days ago, it felt like Spring got here before the new year! 🌱

It reached 80*F, and I certainly enjoyed the couple days of warm weather: I went on many outdoor runs and spent a good chunk of the past Christmas weekend outside the house, driving downtown to explore the city, picnicking, dog walks, you name it. 🐾 I am loving this warm winter, but I can’t help but wonder: if it’s already this warm in December, what is the weather going to be like when Spring actually arrives!? ☀️😱

Luckily, the days before 2017 is bringing us cooler weather, and although I normally prefer warm over cold weather, I want it to be cold outside partially because of this one particular red parka coat. I got it as an early Christmas gift this year, meaning it’s brand new, and I barely had the chance to wear it yet. 😭 But maybe with this change of weather I’ll be walking in an Autumnal Wonderland again (versus Winter Wonderland — get it? Well, I tried…) 🍁❄️

When I saw this coat in-stores on the hanger, it was pretty much love at first sight. 😍 It instantly reminded me of my favorite childhood story: “Little Red Riding Hood.” When I was a kid, my dad would tell me that story by heart almost every night before bed. He’d also read me other stories from children books, but when it came to “Little Red Riding Hood,” he told it all from memory, so of course there were some personal touches in his version, which is the version that I grew up knowing. Plus, my dad would tell it all in Chinese, so to this day, I still prefer saying “小红帽,” which translate literally into Little Red Hat, over Little Red Riding Hood.

Wearing this red parka not only keeps me comfy and cozy, but it also makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale: Little Red Riding Hood and… *gasp,* what she did to the Big Bad Wolf? 🐺

No, it’s faux fur, of course! ❤

I guess I also have my on spin on the story, and the version that I’m living in is more like “Little Red Riding Hood and The Small Cute Lion.” 🦁

I guess I’m still waiting for my Big Bad Wolf to come along. 🐺 😹

Then again, I’ve encountered a number wolves in the past, and it’d always end up something like this:

Losing him was blue like I’d never known
Missing him was dark grey all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met
This scenery reminds me of T-Swift’s song “Red”

See what I did there? 😉 Honestly, though, the moment I saw the fallen pine from the redwoods 🌲, that T-Swift’s song popped immediately into my head. Now it’s stuck there, and I can’t stop playing it.

Maybe I should pass on any more wolves and find myself a Big Good Lion to keep my company alongside Mei Mei, my Small Cute Lion. 🦁

This coat looks great, makes me feel like I’m living a fairytale, but it is also very importantly, so comfortable to wear. In search of the perfect red parka coat, I’ve tried a number of them, and I can’t get over how warm and snug this particular one is. The inside is lined, the stitching is well-done, and the sleeves are cuffed to protect your arms from the cold. Other coats I’ve tried did not have those details, which I think make a huge difference.

This red parka was also one of the more affordable coats I’ve tried, especially considering its high quality. I did find coats that were both more and less expensive, but the cheaper ones were so itchy and did not keep me as warm, and the more expensive ones were seemed overpriced. Better yet, I was able to grab this particular red parka on sale for 60% off its original price of $280. If you want this red parka, you better act quick because they’re running out super fast. Last time I checked in stores, they were sold out, and online, there’s only a few left: click here, here, and here.

I wore this coat with a sweater inside, stretchy jeggings, and 4-inch heel Tommy Hilfiger boots. These boots are so well-made, and although they look uncomfortable, their plush cushioned sole and comfortable ankle support makes it easy to walk in them for hours, and we’re talking about me: the kind of girl who takes off her heels in the middle of a party and ends up leaving barefoot. I’m all about designer heels, but I will not sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to shoes, so if I found a heel that’s fashionable and wearable, you know it has to be comfortable! 😉

More links + the rest of my outfit details below. I did all the research for you into scoring the best deals for the best red parka coat, the best autumn/winter boots, and the best jeggings, so definitely check it out!

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🍁 Little Red Riding Hood and The Small Cute Lion ❤️ Walking in an Autumnal Wonderland 🍂

Click the 'Read More' button below to find out where I got this vibrant red parka coat, these comfortable 4-inch ...
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